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Evolution VS Revolution

This weeks webcast of Are You Really Experienced is a great one! Michael Sean Wright of Nice Fish Films and I talk about the latest in music and tech. Warner Music Group reports strong but cautious numbers. While Atlantic is putting the spin on the news of good digital sales, is this the answer to the industry's problems? Not by a long shot.

We explore Strands with Drew Olanoff. Strands offers great ways to stay in touch with what your friends are listening to. This is the online social networking solution for music fans!

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Suitcase Full of Dimes

SFOD10Songs A powerpop blog and podcast that must be heard! No, it's not a shameless plug for ObviousPop... I'm talking about Suitcase Full of Dimes, a great powerpop podcast and blog that I've been meaning to plug here for quite some time.  The kids often ask me how I hear about the bands and artists that I listen to and play on my show. The number one answer to that question is direct referrals from my network of musicologists, which loosely defined means my friends that are also music geeks with similar tastes. A close second is the internet. That "series of tubes" that we have all grown to know and love. One of the best sites on the web to hear about new, exciting and obscure power pop is Suitcase Full of Dimes. It's a regular podcast that features mainly independent artists, hosted by the superfantastical Ed Lynn (if I were Ed I would add an "e" to the end of that last name and claim I was Jeff's brother). His site/blog is a lot of fun too with a great look and it's super easy to navigate.

Check it out:

The Power Of Music!

Greenrm4 This weeks webcast episode of Are You Really Experienced was a fun one. We talked about music and technology as usual, as well as the Radiohead pay-what-you-want sales numbers. We always have a great time discussing the future of the music industry and where it is going and why it's taking so long.
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(Special thanks to Dave Danglis for the picture from the old Green Room Studio.)

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Self is Back! New Music from Matt Mahaffey

Selfmattstudio Whatever happened to Self? With only 3 proper full-length official releases on CD, and a number of other internet only albums, we haven’t really heard anything from this band or Matt Mahaffey for awhile. I enjoyed the 2006 band he was a part of called Wired All Wrong, but apparently I was in the minority on that one. But fear not, 2 new Self songs have now appeared online and they are amazing. Just rough mixes floated for fun, supposedly by Matt himself, but regardless, these are really good songs even by Self standards and even as rough mixes. With titles like Orchid and Monogamy these songs have to be good, right? No need to panic, they’re great. Matt hasn’t lost his touch and here’s hoping Self completes the full album and releases this one in a final format complete with packaging.
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Album Cover Geek Site and NoiseTrade on Are You Really Experienced!

Ayrelogo PLAYING FAIR - Last night's live webcast of Are You Really Experienced was a good one, complete with fire alarms, sirens and a very special guest named Joe Kirk. Joe used to run Paste Magazine, then helped start DiscRevolt, now he's living in Nashville running NoiseTrade, which allows artists to offer their music as "pay-what-you-want" downloads or for free. There's more to it than that though, and you can find out all about it by downloading or streaming the episode below...Michael Wright of NiceFishFilms and I enjoyed talking to Joe and we also mention a few must see websites, so listen now! You can also join in on the discussion every Saturday night at 9:30pm
NoiseTrade says, "Stop punishing fans for wanting to share great music with their friends. Start rewarding them." - We concur.
Bonus- Worldwide locations of iconic album covers.
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New Music! Looking Back At The Future

Ayrelogo Are You Really Experienced is a live web show that I co host with Michael Sean Wright and you can listen live and even join in on the discussion every Saturday night at 9:30pm Central Time. I recommend streaming it live because then you can comment via the live chat on the show and put in your 2 or 3 cents. However, I understand that it's a busy world out there so you can just subscribe to the feed and have it automatically download via iTunes or download the MP3 or just stream it here at any time.

Tonight's show focused on the new fall releases including Oasis, Keane, Queen, Mercury Rev, Todd Rundgren and more. We also talk about new formats, MySpaceMusic and a whole lot more. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think and join us live next week if you can! Forgive my hoarse voice on this episode, I'm reccovering from a massive cold.
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Music Industry Says "No" To Growth and Profits

Once again the major labels and the RIAA are shooting the horse they're riding on... this is unbelievable to me and everyone who is a music fan needs to read this... Justin from Muxtape, a great service for music fans to share music playlists online has been forced to shut his site down and he has posted a letter explaining the detailed circumstances. The link is below. Once you read this you will understand why the majors and the RIAA are their own worst enemy. It's one thing for a site to post mp3's or streaming of songs for free without trying to get permission or pay, but Justin at Muxtape tried to do both and they still shut him down. Check out his story at the link below...

New Wave is New Again - Obvious New Music Review

Blackandwhiteyears I used to love the new wave sound of the late 70’s and early 80’s. It started for me with early Sparks, Devo and The Talking Heads, then The Cars, Daniel Amos, Split Enz and Suburban Lawns. There were others, but those groups really defined the sound for me. There have supposedly been recent bands with a new wave sound or influence, but nothing that really captures the sound or takes it somewhere new or fresh, until now. The Black and White Years change all that with their adventurous self-titled debut. If you like Talking Heads, Split Enz or Daniel Amos you should love this record. Even with those similarities this record is original, creative and is yet another contender for my year-end top ten list. The best tracks are 2 and 4 with some very quirky vocals, staccato guitars and 70’s synth’s. The real story here is more than the sound and this is not just a novelty, the songs are amazing. It’s a fun, artistic and edgy record that everyone needs to hear at least once. I find it gets better with every listen.
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