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ObviousPopCast Episode 54 - New Music!

OPCepisode54logoEpisode 54 of the ObviousPopCast is here! In this episode we serve up a heaping helping of fantastic new music, including tracks from Dowling Poole, Bleu, Manchester Orchestra, Red Locusts, Jukebox the Ghost, Mommyheads and much more. We also talk about each track and try to have some fun while doing it.

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Song – AlbumArtist (this list is in the order played)

ObviousPopCast Theme Song 2.0 - Ian Tanner

So May We Start - Annette Soundtrack - Sparks (with Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard)

Cap'n Coconuts TV Theme - The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts - Frankie & The Pool Boys

The Saccharine Drip - Saccharine Drip Single - The Dowling Poole

Vanity Skies - The Red Locusts - The Red Locusts

Bed Music - Bachelor #2 - Swingin’ Sounds for the Jungle Jetset - The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Cheers! - Cheers! Single - Jukebox the Ghost

Baby By Your Side - SiX TAPE - Bleu

Bed Music - Makaha - Swingin’ Sounds for the Jungle Jetset - The Tikiyaki Orchestra

The Meek - This Beautiful Mystery - Terry Scott Taylor

The Grape Prophet Speaks - The Grape Prophet - L.S. Underground

Bed Music - Idol Worship - Idol Worshop - The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Impossible - Certainty - Aaron Sprinkle

The Mountain - Wax - KT Tunstall

Bed Music: Exotic in Blues - Idol Worshop - The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Inaudible - The Million Masks Of God - Manchester Orchestra

Reno's reindeer Steaks - Hardware soundtrack - Simon Boswell

Statues (Paintings, Poems, and Books) - Age of Isolation - The Mommyheads

Bed Music - Crossing Kilauea  - StereoExotique - The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Liner: Lemmy from the Hardware Soundtrack

The Time Is Now - AKA Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers - DEVO's Gerald V. Casale

No Friends of Mine (single mix) - Again, Pt. 1 EP - Men Without Hats

Bed and Outro Music: Sofa #1 - Zappa ‘88 - Frank Zappa