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ObviousPopCast Episode 52 - New Music!

OPCepisode52logoEpisode 52 of the ObviousPopCast has arrived! After the amazing new theme by Ian Tanner we jump right into the music featuring brand new stuff from Field Music, Weezer, Terry Scott Taylor, Matthew Sweet, The Lickerish Quartet and more!

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Song – AlbumArtist (this list is in the order played)

ObviousPopCast Theme Song 2.0 - Ian Tanner

Bed Music: National Milk Day - My Mom's Getting a Horse - MFTJ

Snollygoster Goon - Threesome Volume Two - The Lickerish Quartet

Golden Child - Golden Child (single) - Bleu

Up All Night - Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! - Aaron Lee Tasjan

I Plan, God Laughs - This Beautiful Mystery - Terry Scott Taylor

All My Favorite Songs - OK Human - Weezer

Orion From the Street - Orion From the Street (single) - Field Music

She's A Monster - A Tale From The Other Side - Timmy Sean

Just Like You - The Living Room - Alien Attitude

Lonely Everywhere - Moon Shot - The Lees Of Memory

We Are The Noise - We Are The Noise (single) - The Dowling Poole

Give A Little - Catspaw - Matthew Sweet

All the Days of my Life - The Lost Album - Drake Bell

Personal Shopper - The Future Bites - Steven Wilson