ObviousPopCast Episode 49 - OH NO! The Bruce Brown Takeover!
ObviousPopCast Episode 51 - The Mommyheads, New Theme, Jukebox the Ghost & More!

ObviousPopCast 50th Episode!

OPC50thEpisodeLogoThis is it! The 50th Episode of the ObviousPopCast! In this "very special" episode, we have an exclusive interview with Terry Scott Taylor and a sneak peak of 2 new rough mixes from his forthcoming new album This Beautiful Mystery. Terry is best known for his work with the bands Daniel Amos (DA), The Lost Dogs and Swirling Eddies, as well as his solo career and writing and production. We also introduce a brand new theme written and performed by Ian Tanner just for the 50th episode! Then we get into some new music featuring Sparks, Semisonic, The Mommyheads, Sports Team, Joywave and more! It's chock full of fun! Also, we list our supporters and friend of the show that helped get us this far.

Give it a listen! Please leave a comment here or on Facebook and let us know what you think. Thank you for listening.

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Song – AlbumArtist (this list is in the order played)

Obvious Pop 50th Theme (Full Mix) - Obvious Popcast 50th Themes - Ian Tanner

Music Bed - Hot and Beefed (The Zipkicker) - The Music of Armikrog - Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Taylor Interview Part 1

Ave Eva! - This Beautiful Mystery (Rough Mix) - Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Taylor Interview Part 2

The Meek - This Beautiful Mystery (Rough Mix) - Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Taylor Interview Part 3

Music Bed - Return of the Beat Menace (instrumental) - Darn Floor Big Bite - Daniel Amos

Mutual Enemy - Future You - The Mommyheads

Music Jingle - ObviousPop Jingle - Joe Lynch

Made In Heaven - See You See Me - The Dowling Poole

M5 - Keep Walking! EP - Sports Team

Music Bed - Look Alive - Look Alive - Unwed Sailor 

I Wanna Write You a Symphony - I Wanna Write You a Symphony Single - Bleu

Like a Kennedy - Possession - Joywave

Ain't Nothin' New - Floor It!!! - The Texas Gentlemen

Music Bed - Sandviken Stradivarius - Sandviken Stradivarius Single - Wintergatan

Lighthouse Spaceship - Threesome Vol. 1 - The Lickerish Quartet

You're Not Alone - You're Not Alone EP - Semisonic

Music Link - Overture - Origins - M-Opus    

Self-Effacing - A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip - Sparks

Music Bed - The Light - The Light Single - Wax Tailor

Music Jingle - ObviousPop Jingle (A Capella) - Joe Lynch


Chris MacIntosh

Not bad for a kid from the frozen north!!!

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