ObviousPopCast Episode 48 - Henry Chadwick Interview, Contest, New Music and More
ObviousPopCast Episode 49 - OH NO! The Bruce Brown Takeover!

Top 12 Songs of 2019

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In this episode of the ObviousPopCast we countdown our picks for the top 12 songs of 2019! We haven't had this many great new releases in one year for a long time. The top 12 is packed with great songs from Foals, Guster, The Dowling Poole, Jeff Lynne's ELO and more! I also list my top 12 albums of the year AND we announce the winner of our contest from last episode! Listen in to hear our favorite songs of the year and more. Please leave a comment here or on Facebook and let us know what you think and thank you for listening.

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TOP 12 SONGS OF 2019

12. Jessica WJ - Real Life - Cayucas

11. Awake - The President of Make Believe EP - Henry Chadwick

10. Don't Go - Look Alive - Guster

9. Sing Along - Sound & Fury - Sturgill Simpson

8. Balisong - Balisong Single - Phantom Planet

7. The Runner - Part 2 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Foals

6. WDMCF - 1000 Hands - Jon Anderson

5. Harmony Hall - Father of the Bride - Vampire Weekend

4. Tokyo - FIVE - White Lies

3. Keeping The Stupid Stupid - Keeping The Stupid Stupid Single- The Dowling Poole

2. Time of Our Life - From Out of Nowhere - Jeff Lynne's ELO

1. Mourning Dove Meets The Mayflower - Birds - Bryan Scary

The rest:

Something New - 1929, Pt. 1 - KONGOS

Back to the Start - Retaliation Vacation - Hollerado

The Way I Feel - Cause and Effect - Keane

Young & the Guilty - China - The Parlotones

Antidote - China - The Parlotones

Only In A Man’s World - Making A New World - Field Music

The Surprise Knock - In The Morse Code of Brake Lights - The New Pornographers



12. The Parlotones - China 

11. The New Pornographers - In The Morse Code of Brake Lights

10. Kenner - 8Ball City

9. Foals - Part 2 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

8. Guster - Look Alive

7. Elbow - Giants of All Sizes

6. Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury

5. Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride

4. Jeff Lynne’s ELO - From Out of Nowhere

3. White Lies - Five

2. Jon Anderson - 1000 Hands

1. Bryan Scary - Birds


Winner of the Episode 48 Contest: David G. Danglis


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