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ObviousPopCast Episode 46


So much new music, so little time... Fear not! Episode 46 of the ObviousPopCast is the solution! We're back with brand new music from Phantom Planet, Bryan Scary, Keane, Rob Watson, Dhani Harrison and more! This fantastic mix of music and mayhem is brought to you by Ronco!

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Song – AlbumArtist (this list is in the order played)

Introduction - 1981 Extended Play EP - iDK HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

Wren - Birds - Bryan Scary

Mourning Dove Meets The Mayflower - Birds - Bryan Scary

E G B D F - The Cymbal Crashing Clouds - Ben Shive

The Way I Feel - Cause and Effect - Keane

Balisong - Balisong Single - Phantom Planet

Choke - 1981 Extended Play EP - iDK HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

Good Place to Start - Blood - Collective Soul

Motorways (Erase It) - Motorways (Erase It) Single - Dhani Harrison

Superclean - Broke - Scott Lavene

Young & the Guilty - China - The Parlotones

Changing Me Now - The Graylands - Rob Watson

Second Skin - Content - Hey Geronimo

An Owl - Out Loud - Boom Boom Satellites