Everything Everything give us everything in The Distant Past!
ObviousPopCast Episode 40 - NEW MUSIC!

ObviousPopCast 39 - WE ARE BACK! New Music!

Episode 39 of the ObviousPopCast is finally ready for you! We've been stockpiling fantastic new music that we will now release out into the world. A cornucopia of new music awaits! Featuring new songs from Aqualung, Guster, Nate Ruess and more! Give it a listen and please let us know what you think! You can stream or download it right now as a high quality MP3, and most importantly, it's free!


To stream it now click play:


Download it now: ObviousPopCast Episode 39

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(If you use the link to download it to iTunes, it may go into your podcast folder or possibly be listed in the main music library under the title: ObviousPop or the artist name: Dr. Tony Shore.)


Song – AlbumArtist

Champions of Red Wine - Brill Bruisers - The New Pornographers

Distant Past - Distant Past Single - Everything Everything

Palarium - Secret Powers 6 - Secret Powers

I Wanna Get BetterStrange Desire - Bleachers

The Girl With X-Ray Eyes - Chasing Yesterday - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

ELO Forever - Beyond Time - Bubble Gum Orchestra

Simple MachineEvermotion - Guster

New Low - 10 Futures - Aqualung

Lucky Day - Time for Tea - 11 Acorn Lane

Nothing Without Love - Nothing Without Love Single - Nate Ruess

Everybody Knows It Was Me - Pop/Art - Adrian Bourgeois

Hide Away - The Winter Blue - Jesse And The Sprinkles

Freaky GnomesFreaky Gnomes Single - Dr. Tony Shore



Great list, man! Some new-to-me stuff here. Still not a fan of Nate Reuss, but love the Bleachers album.

Dr. Shore

I have had some people ask about the bed music between the songs...The music between ELO Forever and the new Guster track in particular. I suppose it doesn't help that I talk over that music... And no, it's not Terry Taylor, although it does sound like his soundtrack music. It is someone who I have compared to Terry... Danny Elfman. This is an early form of Oingo Boingo. Danny and Oingo Boingo did a soundtrack for some horrible art film noir movie called "Forbidden Zone." The soundtrack is a cult classic, the movie is not. I had never heard the soundtrack but read about it online. I managed to track down a CD and it was well worth it. Probably now my favorite Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman album of all-time! That track is called Cell 63. The whole album is fantastic. I use 2 other tracks as partial bed music in the podcast but it is hard to hear. You can find the CD for on Ebay or Amazon but it will more than likely cost you big money...or you can download it on iTunes.


Hi Tony - great to hear that you've returned. We've missed your wonderful podcasts packed as always with such superb music. Been a fan from episode #1 and glad to see you are still riding the digital airwaves.

The website is my original blog (before they called them such) from 2001/2 - not updated in years, but thought you might like to see for some historical interest.


Great to hear you again Tony."Elo Forever" sound great.If you are looking for some interest Blogs about music and Instruments then you should try http://www.sound-beat.com .

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