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The name of the band is US

UStrevorlol For awhile in 2006 and 2007 there was a supergroup in Britain called The Producers. It featured Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson and Lol Creme. They put out one single called Barking Up The Wrong Tree featuring the amazing tune, "Freeway." That single from The Producers is currently available on Amazon, but apparently they finally realized that there are (or were) a million and one other bands called The Producers so they have now changed the name of the group to US. It's turned into a concept album called The Path of Sydney Arthur and the group is now helmed by Horn and Creme. No release date has been set but there's a brand new song and very odd promo video that the band has released... check it out:

The Path

Tech Review: Finally hear in-ear with great sound for the iPhone!

I150_1 I am not a fan of in-ear headphones. None of them seem to fit in my ears very well and they are always falling out or won't fit in far enough. I've found one or two that stay in but they still make everything sound like it's being played on a mono cassette player from the 70's through tin foil. It's a new day though and the search is finally over. The fine folks at KOSS have come up with a winner, the i150 earbud stereophones, specifically designed for the iPhone. These in-ear headphones fit even my freakish ears thanks to the 3 size options of changeable ear pieces. That's the first hurdle and it's a big one, but then onto the main function of sound. KOSS has always had good sounding headphones, but in-ear phones are a big challenge. I've never heard any I've liked before now. The sound of the i150 actually have a range, there's bass and they do not suffer from that horrible high pitched treble that most earbud headphones have. They work with both generations of Apple's iPhone and the built in mic on the cord along with the call answer button allows you to take calls and talk using the headphones. Super cool and convenient. They also come with a carrying pouch. The one negative thing is the price. They retail for a steep $150, which is too much, even for these cool headphones. Amazon has them at a slightly more affordable price of $90. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO