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ObviousPopCast Episode 14 - TOP 12 SONGS of 2008!

Top 12 of '08

Episode 14 of the ObviousPopCast is here! We count down THE TOP 12 SONGS OF 2008! Grab the kids and call the neighbors because you're about to hear 12 of the greatest songs released in '08. You may hear some of your favorites and I'm sure you'll hear a number of surprises as well!

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(If you use the link to download it to iTunes, it may go into your podcast folder or possibly be listed in the main music library under the title: ObviousPop or the artist name: Dr. Tony Shore.)


Doug Ausbury

Hey Tony, you really outdid yourself this year on the top songs list. I'm always eager to hear what you're listening to and on multiple occasions, I have ordered a handful of CDs after listening to your podcasts. Keep up the great work my friend and I'll keep passing on your blog to friends and family.


Tony: Your podcast brings to mind a Jim Gaffigan bit:

"Yeah, I don't feel like dessert...but when I see pudding at THAT angle...!"

The Top 12 show sounds awesome! Nice, tight sound...TERRIFIC stuff by Ian, and a great selection of songs which elevate each other in the context of the overall show. (That's what I meant with the pudding comment!)

I would have put The Feeling at number one instead of number three -- but, you know, you and I are very different individuals...!

Dr. Tony Shore

Yeah Dave, we're really different! Thanks for listening and thanks for your comments!

No Pants Vance

Tony, you're a total professional! Of course I dug the fact that you included a Ben Folds song, though you threw a curveball by selecting Dr. Yang. Your right when you say the album is a bit of a letdown. Kudos for including some chamber pop as well; you really how to bring out the hipster in me.


hey Tony - really dig your top tunes of the year. Hey, I also had a question, which podcast of yours had the acapella version of "I love it when you call'? I had it, but lost it, and I want to hear it again.



Dr. Shore,

Fanstinkintastic!!! Please don't share this with anyone but I'd have to agree with you that this is the best show (and best sounding show) that you have done! The song choices were amazing with the upper half being home runs.

Of course, because you had all those extra people in the studio with you, we'll now have to take you off the air. Good work.

Dr. Tony Shore

Ha! Oh yeah, the WAY-FM "A-Zone" fiasco! The station manager asked me "how many people did you have in the studio during the show?! It sounded like a party in there!" My reply was "exactly." He missed the point entirely. They wanted boring I guess.


Dad! Love your top 12 songs of the year! I'm at adventure club typing cause I wouldn't have time at home because I have to do homework. Why I didn't do it here I don't really know...

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