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Get to know Davy

CoconutRecordsDavyCov It seems as though the year has just begun but there are already a number of great new albums that have been released. The best by far is Davy, the sophmore release from Coconut Records. I posted about the single a few weeks ago, but the full album is so much better than that. From the autobiographical romp "Drummer," to the Beatle-esque bounce of tracks like "Saint Jerome" and "Any Fun," both with the piano, tamborines and George Martin feel to make any power pop fan swoon. I think Jason Schwartzman is an incredible actor, but this album is as good as any movie that he's made. I just hope he's able to find the same audience and acclaim because this album deserves it.

Check out one of my favorite tracks "Saint Jerome" and if you like it buy the record! Support the artist!
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ObviousPopCast Episode 14 - TOP 12 SONGS of 2008!

Top 12 of '08

Episode 14 of the ObviousPopCast is here! We count down THE TOP 12 SONGS OF 2008! Grab the kids and call the neighbors because you're about to hear 12 of the greatest songs released in '08. You may hear some of your favorites and I'm sure you'll hear a number of surprises as well!

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New music for next year is here!

CoconutRecordsDavyCov The sweet taste of Coconut Records is back in '09. Jason Schwartzman may be best known as an actor (see Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited) but as an recording artist he's about to release his sophomore effort under his band moniker Coconut Records. The album is called Davy and it will be released on January 13th.

The first single from this new project is "Microphone," a fantastic pop song that proves Jason is not just a fluke in the world of music. It has a beautiful melody and a great hook. "Microphone" is available for download now on iTunes and other sites. You can listen to it on the Coconut Records MySpace page -Click Here