ObviousPop Best CDs of 2008
New music for next year is here!

New Power Pop from Nashvegas

Who knew that Nashville, Tennessee was a haven for brilliant power pop? I guess there's a bit of a history there, it's not all country and gospel. The list of power pop genius that resides in that area grows and grows with Rick Altizer, Ben Folds, Bill Lloyd, John Davis, Self and more. Now there are two more that I just discovered recently and they may be amoung the best. It never fails, I post my year-end Best Of List and then I discover some brilliant records. You can see my picks for the best CDs of 2008 in the post below, but I've discovered two new releases that are so good they should have been included.

First is The Blue Sky Secret. It is more than just a great band name. It is an album that defines power pop. This new EP is called What We Are and it is full of amazingly melodic and sweet vocals layered over hooks and instrumentation that will leave you wanting more...and more. Check out "In Your Eyes" (no, it's not a cover of the Peter Gabriel song) and "11 Years," you wil be glad you did.
CLICK HERE to go to their website.

Geoff Ones and Os
Somehow I missed this one. Geoff Smith has apparently been wowing fans in Nashville and all over the world via the net for awhile now. Thanks to his song that's a tribute to Leo Laporte's Twit.tv Geoff is an internet phenom' amoungst bloggers and the geek set, but I have a feeling he's going to be a hero in the world of power pop in general. His influences seem to range from Queen to The Beatles to Squeeze and beyond. His latest is called Ones and O's which is in keeping with the internet and computer geek theme. Quirky vocals and keyboards with real piano, layered vocals and handclaps abound, with sugary hooks and unforgettable melodies in every single song. Highlights include "Dig The Code," "Ones and O's," and "Hello Hello."
CLICK HERE to go to his site.


Shawn McLaughlin

I assume that you have heard of the Absolute Power-Pop website. They actually have a Nashville artist at #1 in their top 125 albums of 2008. Greg Pope "Popmonster" is the album and if you did not know this, Greg was in the band Eager with Patrick Andrew of PFR. Also with ties to Christian music were # 13, Adrian Bourgeois's (Brent's son) self titled album and Tyler Burkum's (Audio Adrenaline) newest release at #17.

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