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Music Industry Says "No" To Growth and Profits

Once again the major labels and the RIAA are shooting the horse they're riding on... this is unbelievable to me and everyone who is a music fan needs to read this... Justin from Muxtape, a great service for music fans to share music playlists online has been forced to shut his site down and he has posted a letter explaining the detailed circumstances. The link is below. Once you read this you will understand why the majors and the RIAA are their own worst enemy. It's one thing for a site to post mp3's or streaming of songs for free without trying to get permission or pay, but Justin at Muxtape tried to do both and they still shut him down. Check out his story at the link below...

New Wave is New Again - Obvious New Music Review

Blackandwhiteyears I used to love the new wave sound of the late 70’s and early 80’s. It started for me with early Sparks, Devo and The Talking Heads, then The Cars, Daniel Amos, Split Enz and Suburban Lawns. There were others, but those groups really defined the sound for me. There have supposedly been recent bands with a new wave sound or influence, but nothing that really captures the sound or takes it somewhere new or fresh, until now. The Black and White Years change all that with their adventurous self-titled debut. If you like Talking Heads, Split Enz or Daniel Amos you should love this record. Even with those similarities this record is original, creative and is yet another contender for my year-end top ten list. The best tracks are 2 and 4 with some very quirky vocals, staccato guitars and 70’s synth’s. The real story here is more than the sound and this is not just a novelty, the songs are amazing. It’s a fun, artistic and edgy record that everyone needs to hear at least once. I find it gets better with every listen.
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That Lucky Old Wilson

Luckyoldsuncov For the first time in years, many, many years, Brian Wilson has written brilliant brand new material. His best work still is and probably always will be the Smile album, but that was material that he wrote over 30 years ago. He’s had some moments of greatness, but critics were wondering if he still had the magic. Wonder no more, because he’s penned a suite of songs that comes close to Smile. That Lucky Old Sun is a musical masterpiece that has that classic Brian Wilson sound but yet doesn’t rely on it and ends up sounding a lot different and more modern than Smile or the Beach Boys. The songs all tie together and the combination of the orchestration with the lyrics talking about southern California are incredibly moving and powerful. Power pop fans and Beach Boys fans have a lot to love here and any who doubt Brian Wilson’s genius need to give this one a listen. The only weak spots are Brian’s lead vocals. They can seem weak and strained at times but it is not a big detractor and his band of the Wondermints and the great Jeffrey Foskett provide an excellent backing and base for these amazing songs. Another plus is the gorgious packaging, it comes in a cardboard CD wallet with great design, a cool booklet and there’s a deluxe version that has a DVD. There is also an exclusive Best Buy version with 3 bonus tracks.

FavTape - How to make online mix tapes

We just finished episode 2 of Are You Really Experienced an online webchat show that you can stream live every Saturday night. I cohost it with a tech and internet music freak named Michael Sean Wright. It deals primarily with online music and trends. I'm really just along for the ride but it's fun and this week we talked about and the founder of FavTape was listening and called into the show. is an amazing site that lets you create your own online compilations or digital mix tapes to listen to and share. Not everything is on there yet, but they have an amazingly wide selection as you can pull from your Lastfm and Pandora playlists as well as from MP3's that are out there on the net.
We dubbed this show "Let The Monkey Drive" because we discussed the new Sparks record and that song in particular.

You can listen to the show right here:


Are You Really Experienced...Music and the Internet

Are You Really Experienced is a streaming web show were idea genius and internet guru Michael Sean Wright (he's criminally insane) and myself (Dr. Tony Shore) spend about 40 minutes talking about the music industry, new releases, and music on the internet. We try to have some fun with it as well!
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ObviousPopCast Episode 12 - New Music!


Episode 12 of the ObviousPopCast is finally here and I think you'll agree it was well worth the wait! You will hear new music from Josh Fix, Pendulum, Jars of Clay, David Byrne & Brian Eno and more! Download the high quality DRM free MP3 and listen now!

Download it now: ObviousPopCast Episode 12

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Where In The World?

Where in the world is Dr. Tony Shore?
I do a review a day for a month then disapear...a vacation...a strange trip to the heart of Milwaukee...the Boss rides a Harley...then home again at high speeds for a fantasy draft, then slipping into a near crippling fever...but I'm back and feeling better!

This is my first blog post from my iPhone, I'm using the TypePad app from the iTunes iPhone store.

I'm currently working on a new podcast and will be posting reviews of the new Brian Wilson and the new Metallica soon.