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Steve Vai Live = Must See


I am constantly recommending albums on this blog and now it's time to recommend a live show. Not just any live show, but one of the best concerts you will probably see all year. I'm talking about the current Steve Vai tour. I saw him about a year ago with Zappa Plays Zappa and he was nothing short of amazing. Whether or not you're a fan of his work with Zappa or his solo albums, you must, absolutely MUST see him perform live.

He is, in my book, one of the best rock guitarists in history. There's a lot of competition for that title with names like Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Phil Keaggy, Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn in the mix. But Vai is so incredibly unique and such a wild performer, I would put him ahead of almost any other in a live setting.

He is doing a show here in the Twin Cities on September 19th at the State Theatre. I can't wait! Get your tickets now and go!

Here's the flyer for that show:

Get tickets and let me know if you can make it to that show. A bunch of us can get together and talk music before the show. If you can't make the trek you can check out Steve's other dates here:  ...just make sure you get to one of his shows, it's a must see event.