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Jellyfish Fans Rejoice


Right on the heels of Roger Joseph Manning Jr.’s fantastic solo release comes yet another amazing Jellyfish related project from TV Eyes. This is the 80’s new wave influenced side-project of Jason Faulkner, Roger Manning and Brian Rietzell. TV Eyes have been around awhile, playing gigs in LA and releasing a 12” single, but this full-length CD has been a long time coming. Right now it’s only available in Japan with no plans for US or European release, but it’s worth the import price. I don’t see how any respectable Jellyfish, Manning or Faulkner fan could pass it up. Anyone into 80’s new wave and synth-pop will go wild over the quirky and cool keyboards and vocals. The hooks and melodies are exactly what you would expect from these 2 and it’s the perfect stop gap while we wait for a new solo project from Jason, or perhaps something more from Andy Sturmer?

You can listen to sound clips and order the CD here