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Shortly before George Harrison passed away he had an idea that involved Cirque Du Soleil doing a show set to the music of The Beatles. It is a good thing he didn’t ask my opinion. It’s also a good thing George Martin and the two remaining Beatles didn’t ask for my input on the LOVE project. Monkeying with The Beatles classics…remixing, mashing… Yikes! It all sounded like one of the worst ideas I have ever heard and I would have begged them not to do it. At one point I wasn’t even planning on buying the LOVE CD. This seemed like it would be Stars on 45 all over again. What a horrible, money-grubbing concept. Then I talked with a very well know music critic, who had also been very suspect of the idea. He said he had just listened to the entire thing and it was one of the most amazing projects he had ever heard. Then I read George Martin’s comments on how the album was made and the care and time that went into it. I was sure it would still suck, but since I had now been told by a few of the most critical ears that I know that the 5.1 surround version was like a religious experience I had to at least force myself to give it a try. I can honestly say I have never been more wrong about an album. First of all, this is not a thrown together rehash intended to make coin. Yes, somewhere along the way there are probably some people that are involved to make money, there always is, but in this case the end result is a work of art. George Martin and his son have put together, what I truly believe is the album of the year. The Beatles have never, and I mean never sounded this good. For LOVE they took the master tapes and created a cappella bits and used segments of guitar solos, instruments and more (many of which have never been heard before, at least not like this) and mixed them into a thing of pure beauty. Don’t even think about getting the single audio only disc. The CD/DVD combo version has special packaging and the 5.1 surround mix on the DVD will simply blow you away. It brings new life into these already great songs. You’ve never heard The Beatles like this, and if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking you never will, but you can. It’s so much better than I could have ever imagined. It is up there with Brian Wilson’s Smile. In fact, the opening vocal piece is reminiscent of “Our Prayer” from Smile. All of the tracks segue together and there are amazing transitions between them, much like Smile. I believe this album will be used as a benchmark for production. Kudos to George and Giles Martin for this wonderful recording and for helping to create a genius work of art. You have to love Love because it brings these amazing songs into a whole new light.


Steve West

So, Tony, are you saying you like this record? Ha! I love this record, as my post said. It's amazing. We could have written this thing together. It probably IS the record of the year.


I love the idea of a Beatles mashup, but aside from a few cuts I was disappointed. Although the sound quality IS fantastic, I think they were too respectful of the original recordings. Most of the "mashing" was at the end/beginning of songs, with the main parts left relatively intact. On the other hand, cuts like "Drive My Car/What You're Doing" and "Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows" are exhilarating. These are the kinds of re-imaginings I hoped the whole work would be. I understand the songs had to fit in with the theatrical show being presented, but this just leaves me with a bitter taste of what could have been. Maybe someday...


Sometimes its best to leave perfection alone, ya can't mash-up "Yesterday" or "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". The CD/DVD has a great balance and I think it's a loving tribute, resurrecting the Fab Four. It's the Apostle George Martin's answer to the Anthology series whereby Jeff Lynne created two new Beatles tracks that sounded more like the Travelling Wilbury's/ELO than it did the Beatles. To say that "Love" is akin to a religious experience is right-- it builds and builds on the Love theme-- this is a sanctified project. Who'd have thought "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" could be this crisp and driving? Or that Paul McCartney's bass guitar could weave a rhythm that undergirds each and every track.

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