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Forgiving Harry Potter

You'd have to be dead or at a family camp in Ely, MN (pictures and post on that coming soon) to have missed the hype surrounding the release of the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I haven't read it yet, but all the reviews say the same thing, boring beginning and incredible ending with some interesting middle bits thrown in there. I don't want to yak it up about Harry, there's plenty of that going on already. I want to turn you onto another book, one you probably haven't heard about yet, and it's called Forgiving Solomon Long, the debut novel from comic book writer and journalist Chris Well. This is an incredibly entertaining crime novel about a mob hit man who finds a conscience. Well avoids most of the typical "my first book" traps and delivers a great read. This is the perfect summer vacation page-turner! Click on the book cover to the right for ordering info.



I think Chris did a credible job. I give him higher marks for what neither of us managed to do--write a book--than the actual content itself. He does occasionally transcend the "this is good for a Christian novel" tag the way a lot of Christian bands rise above the same faint praise. I have faith he'll get better.

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