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Somewhere outside the realm of remote possibilities, comes a press's now being reported by NME and other seemingly reliable sources that Pink Floyd will reunite with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. I think the key thing here is WITH ROGER WATERS...

Still, I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes. Assuming I'm not dreaming right now, or this isn't some elaborate hoax being played, this is really sweet news.

Click here for the official press release on NME

Owner of a Lovely Hit

It's been more than 22 years since the original techno-rock single Owner of a Lonely Heart was a hit. For much of that time it was used as a high-water bench mark for producers and engineers. It propelled Trevor Horn (of the Buggles) to the top of the most-wanted producers list and brought him a whole lot of work, money and fame along with it. Owner also resurrected the band Yes from their prog-rock dinosaur status and gave them their first number one single and album.

The origins of the song are legendary if not hilarious. Trevor Rabin wrote the main melody line, that amazing hook of a bass and rhythm guitar riff, while sitting on the toilet taking a dump -- nay sayers of Yes feel free to make your own jokes and Spinal Tap references here -- but this one appealed to most everyone, even those that never liked the prog version of the band or Jon Anderson's unique vocals. The song was already being worked on by Trevor Rabin and Chris Squire under the name Cinema and then they brought in Jon to do some vocals and decided to call it Yes...that was in 1983.

Now in the year 2005 Owner of a Lonely Heart is a hit again. It's been remixed and reinvented by Max Graham, a producer and mix DJ from the UK. The new single is a huge hit in the UK and Europe and the video is one of the most played over there as well. If you haven't heard this new version, you’re missing out. I will admit, the original is one of my all-time faves and will always remain so, but this new version is nothing short of incredible. The Radio Edit is the best mix and it clocks in at 2:42. It's also the version used in the new video, which is one of the funniest music videos I've seen in years. The Yes boys are probably laughing all the way to the bank.

For this new version the artist is listed as Max Graham vs. Yes, which is humorous in and of itself. Check out the video here under news item 18.05.05:

It hasn't been released in the US but you can get the 4-track single that includes the video from Amazon: Click Here

Doughty! Haughty Melodic

There was this hip band of alt-rock guru’s in the 90’s called Soul Coughing. They had a very unique sound that front-man Mike Doughty called “deep slacker jazz.” Unfortunately they only put out 3 records before breaking up. Maybe “fortunately” would be a better way of putting it, since I’m getting into Mike Doughty’s new solo album more than I did any of the Soul Coughing releases. I love a few songs off of each of those, but never thought any of the 3 held up together as a whole album. I always thought that the best song they did was Unmarked Helicopters from Songs in the Key of X – Music from and Inspired by The X-Files because it really showcased Doughty’s weird lyrics and vocal style as well as his quirky songwriting.

That same quirkiness and vocal style is all over Haughty Melodic. Mike Doughty has never sounded better and his lyrics seem a bit more focused and poignant here. But the bottom line for any record and artist are the songs. These songs are far and away his best and he sustains the interesting hooks and great arrangements throughout the entire record. Lyrically he’s never been better with songs like Busting Up a Starbucks to the blatant spiritual lyric of His Truth is Marching On. I think those are the best musically as well, but it’s all good and my favorites on the record change from week to week, which is always a good sign. This is Mike’s first solo project to feature a band and his first for a (somewhat) major label. I think this record is the best of both worlds…it’s produced by Dan Wilson of Semisonic & Trip Shakespeare to give it a great pop sensibility yet it hasn’t lost that quirky weirdness that Soul Coughing once had. Even if you didn’t like Soul Coughing there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this record, and if you liked Soul Coughing, you’ll love this one as well…or like me, maybe even more.

PS – For those of you that are still into LP’s or that still have a record player, there’s a vinyl version of this album that I highly recommend. This album sounds great on vinyl!


UPDATE: Read Mike's comments on his lyirc for His Truth Is Marching On here: