Fear and Loathing in Nashville

International Pop Overthrow - Updated!

A power pop festival in Nashville? It seems like a weird place to have it…LA and Chicago seem to make a lot more sense, but then again, Nashville is filled with all types of musicians and bands and The IPO rounded up some of the best of the local talent to be a part of the festival. The shows were held at The End, a small but cool little rock club in Nashville. Overall, the festival was great. I wish I could have been there for all 5 nights, but I was only able to make it to a couple of them.
The IPO is supposed to be all about Power Pop right? I guess I should never be amazed at the wide variety of music that many classify as Power Pop. Some of the acts were down right awful, and came nowhere near my personal definition of the genre. Fortunately, there were some gems as well. I admittedly saw less than half of the total artists that played over the four-day event, but of those that I did see, Doug Powell and band were by far the best, he nailed it. He used the members of the group Falling Under Static as his backing band, and they were nothing short of amazing! Check them out at www.fallingunderstatic.com
Other notables included The Elms, Rich Creamy Paint, Sam Ashworth, Matt Backer, and Rick Altizer’s campy band Dum Dog Run.
One of the most worst moments had to be one poor chap who went on after Doug Powell's band and right before another full band. He had come in all the way from Orange County California and played his entire set with just his vocals and an electric guitar. Because Doug’s set was so good, and included a full band, it made it all the more glaring when he got up with only an electric guitar. He sang and played with no other instruments or vocals. He didn’t have a particularly good set either. A friend who was there leaned over and said, “this guy flew in all the way from California for this?!” I almost laughed out loud. It was pretty bad in my opinion, but I've heard his band the Dairy Kings are incredible, so go figure.
One of the high or low points of the week, depending on how you look at it, was Saturday night, during the Dum Dog Run set. A guy came in the club, and he was talking very loudly, and, for what it's worth, was dressed very loudly as well, cheap Italian suit, purple shiny tie, etc. He had three people following behind him like an entourage. They were all wasted, and apparently coked out of their minds. The guy was an obvious coke-fiend and he immediately started insulting women and other people at the bar. Thank God Michael Wright was there to get in the guys face and almost start a fight. Nice. But I just stood there hanging with Jerry Chamberlain (D.A., Balls of France) and Doug Powell, watching the whole thing unfold in amazement. I have to admit it was entertaining.
Ross Rice (Human Radio) played the event as well, but unfortunately I missed that set.
Overall, the IPO was lots of fun with some great music! I would encourage anyone who's into great music to check out an IPO event!


Mike Flatt

I like David Bash and the whole IPO thing, but yes there are some BAD bands that play. Of course you could go to Chicago and see Feathergun play, along with Hot Socky, Copperpot and more.....

commercial over...

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