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Tears over Fears of delayed release

Bad news for Tears for Fears fans… it seems the release date has been postponed or cancelled. Controversy and rumors abound surrounding the label and release of the new album. You can read the updates on Curt Smith’s site here:
This is an incredible album, so for those of you that may not want to wait for the dust to settle, I think you can download the whole thing right now, for about $10, on iTunes.

"Christian Music" that's not crap?

Ah yes, nothing scares away a serious music fan faster than the term "Christian Music." You might as well say "Contemporary Country." Yikes. There is a new article on the subject by our good friend Dan Macintosh. You need to read this one, especially if you find yourself repulsed by Christians or their so-called music. You just might be in for a surprise. Check it out:

Where to find New and Rare Music

What if I told you there was a place where you could discover new bands like the incredible Panurge, and get new music long before it comes out? A place that exclusively carries the new Andy Partridge and Tears for Fears projects? If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m talking about iTunes. Now, before you roll your eyes, please forget the hype and your possible aversion to downloading and/or the quality of MP3’s and hear me out. If you’re a music fanatic, you should be excited about a place that has all sorts of exclusive tracks and advance releases of major and indie bands. I am in no way advocating downloading instead of or in place of getting the actual final disc. What I am saying is, you can sample music, and download tracks before they’re out, and in some cases, like the amazing new Andy Partridge track, get songs that aren’t available on any CD. It’s a great place to go and get turned on to new and rare music, and make compilation CD’s. Then, if you really like something, you can get it on CD when it comes out. If I really like something, I’ve got to have that final product. The CD sound quality is better than a download and there’s no substitution for the actual artwork and packaging. However, iTunes sound and download quality is better than most MP3’s I’ve ripped or downloaded in the past, and it’s quick and easy to use. The songs are only .99 cents a track, and you can easily assemble them and burn them to a CD. iTunes makes it easy to create compilation CD’s, which I love doing. PC users fret not, I’ve used it on both a Mac and a PC, and it works great on both systems. iTunes is a must for any serious music fan with a computer and a credit card that has a few buck left on it!


After a fairly dry spell, and a serious lack of good fresh music this year, I’ve come across two new bands that I’m totally in love with. First, I’ll tell you about Panurge. In fact, I can’t wait to tell you about Panurge, because they have to have one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, and a fantastic new album. The song is called “Mixed Calvary” and it’s got the greatest melody and lyrics, you've got to hear it. Panurge are somewhat reminiscent of a band called Bicycle, but with some other unique qualities as well. The album is called “Throw Down The Reins” and it comes out March 23, but you can download the whole thing on iTunes or hear some samples and pre-order it through Amazon, just click on the cover in the "Listen To This" section in the column to the left. The whole album is amazing, with each song taking creative twists and turns...from quirky Beatle-esque hooks, to lush pop, to modern alt-lounge weirdness.

The second band is another amazing find. They’re called Hellogoodbye, and if you can’t tell by the name, the Beatles have influenced them. But that’s not the half of it…these are cool young kids that have been immersed in Self and the Cars. They’re that good! Just ignore the fact that they’re on Drive Thru Records, which has NOTHING else that is anything like this band. Then avoid the free MP3 version of their song “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn” that’s available through a link on their site and go for the FREE download of their new EP, which is unavailable, anywhere else. Their CD will be released later this year. The EP download comes complete with artwork, and a completely DIFFERENT version of the “Shimmy Shimmy” song that’s really good. Here’s the link to get the FREE EP.

Please check these bands out and then post your comments here!

International Pop Overthrow - Updated!

A power pop festival in Nashville? It seems like a weird place to have it…LA and Chicago seem to make a lot more sense, but then again, Nashville is filled with all types of musicians and bands and The IPO rounded up some of the best of the local talent to be a part of the festival. The shows were held at The End, a small but cool little rock club in Nashville. Overall, the festival was great. I wish I could have been there for all 5 nights, but I was only able to make it to a couple of them.
The IPO is supposed to be all about Power Pop right? I guess I should never be amazed at the wide variety of music that many classify as Power Pop. Some of the acts were down right awful, and came nowhere near my personal definition of the genre. Fortunately, there were some gems as well. I admittedly saw less than half of the total artists that played over the four-day event, but of those that I did see, Doug Powell and band were by far the best, he nailed it. He used the members of the group Falling Under Static as his backing band, and they were nothing short of amazing! Check them out at
Other notables included The Elms, Rich Creamy Paint, Sam Ashworth, Matt Backer, and Rick Altizer’s campy band Dum Dog Run.
One of the most worst moments had to be one poor chap who went on after Doug Powell's band and right before another full band. He had come in all the way from Orange County California and played his entire set with just his vocals and an electric guitar. Because Doug’s set was so good, and included a full band, it made it all the more glaring when he got up with only an electric guitar. He sang and played with no other instruments or vocals. He didn’t have a particularly good set either. A friend who was there leaned over and said, “this guy flew in all the way from California for this?!” I almost laughed out loud. It was pretty bad in my opinion, but I've heard his band the Dairy Kings are incredible, so go figure.
One of the high or low points of the week, depending on how you look at it, was Saturday night, during the Dum Dog Run set. A guy came in the club, and he was talking very loudly, and, for what it's worth, was dressed very loudly as well, cheap Italian suit, purple shiny tie, etc. He had three people following behind him like an entourage. They were all wasted, and apparently coked out of their minds. The guy was an obvious coke-fiend and he immediately started insulting women and other people at the bar. Thank God Michael Wright was there to get in the guys face and almost start a fight. Nice. But I just stood there hanging with Jerry Chamberlain (D.A., Balls of France) and Doug Powell, watching the whole thing unfold in amazement. I have to admit it was entertaining.
Ross Rice (Human Radio) played the event as well, but unfortunately I missed that set.
Overall, the IPO was lots of fun with some great music! I would encourage anyone who's into great music to check out an IPO event!

Fear and Loathing in Nashville

There are a few cool record stores in Nashville, TN. Grimeys is a small indie store that is very cool. And there's always Phonoluxe and Tower. Tower had some music DVD's that I didn't even know existed. There's a new DADA album out that I picked up. I wasn't that impressed with their last couple of efforts, but this one is good. Thanks to Tower having it in a listening station, which is pretty cool considering this is an independent release.
Which brings us to the latest news, that Tower Records has officially declared bankruptcy. They've been in trouble for awhile, but the axe finally fell. They'll have to close some locations, but will hopefully be able to keep key stores open. Let's hope so. Tower Records on West End in Nashville is more than just a store. It's a meeting place. You can't go in there without seeing artists or people you know. I'll never forget meeting Stephen Bishop at the Tower on Sunset in LA.
I fear a time is coming, were these great independent stores are no more. In the meantime, let's do what we can to prevent at your local indie store.