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Fear and Loathing in Nashville

There are a few cool record stores in Nashville, TN. Grimeys is a small indie store that is very cool. And there's always Phonoluxe and Tower. Tower had some music DVD's that I didn't even know existed. There's a new DADA album out that I picked up. I wasn't that impressed with their last couple of efforts, but this one is good. Thanks to Tower having it in a listening station, which is pretty cool considering this is an independent release.
Which brings us to the latest news, that Tower Records has officially declared bankruptcy. They've been in trouble for awhile, but the axe finally fell. They'll have to close some locations, but will hopefully be able to keep key stores open. Let's hope so. Tower Records on West End in Nashville is more than just a store. It's a meeting place. You can't go in there without seeing artists or people you know. I'll never forget meeting Stephen Bishop at the Tower on Sunset in LA.
I fear a time is coming, were these great independent stores are no more. In the meantime, let's do what we can to prevent at your local indie store.


Mr. Wright

Tower an independent record store? Here's a great biz model... treat anyone who asks a question with utter contempt! I know nose bones are hip with the kids but not exactly customer friendly. The best Towers were always Austin and, of course, Nashville where Bob Goldstone extended a helping hand to all in the music community. When in Nashville don't forget to stop at Rossi's Record room in Brentwood. Half the store is filled with health food but venture into the other side and your vinyl dreams come true. The shop was opened by father/son ex-wrestlers. Other good record shops in Trashville-

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