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After a fairly dry spell, and a serious lack of good fresh music this year, I’ve come across two new bands that I’m totally in love with. First, I’ll tell you about Panurge. In fact, I can’t wait to tell you about Panurge, because they have to have one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, and a fantastic new album. The song is called “Mixed Calvary” and it’s got the greatest melody and lyrics, you've got to hear it. Panurge are somewhat reminiscent of a band called Bicycle, but with some other unique qualities as well. The album is called “Throw Down The Reins” and it comes out March 23, but you can download the whole thing on iTunes or hear some samples and pre-order it through Amazon, just click on the cover in the "Listen To This" section in the column to the left. The whole album is amazing, with each song taking creative twists and turns...from quirky Beatle-esque hooks, to lush pop, to modern alt-lounge weirdness.

The second band is another amazing find. They’re called Hellogoodbye, and if you can’t tell by the name, the Beatles have influenced them. But that’s not the half of it…these are cool young kids that have been immersed in Self and the Cars. They’re that good! Just ignore the fact that they’re on Drive Thru Records, which has NOTHING else that is anything like this band. Then avoid the free MP3 version of their song “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn” that’s available through a link on their site and go for the FREE download of their new EP, which is unavailable, anywhere else. Their CD will be released later this year. The EP download comes complete with artwork, and a completely DIFFERENT version of the “Shimmy Shimmy” song that’s really good. Here’s the link to get the FREE EP.

Please check these bands out and then post your comments here!


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