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March 2004

Human Radio 2

One of my all-time favorite albums, and one that often makes it's way onto my Desert Island Discs list, is Human Radio. Their one and only self-titled release came out on Columbia back in 1990. It is one of the great ones, and is not to be missed. Long out of print, it still shows up in the odd used bin and through
Now the really good news for all you Human Radio fans...There was a second record. Recorded but never released. Maybe I'm the last to find this out, but WOW! And the beauty of it is, the entire album can be downloaded through band member Ross Rice's website.
Check it out:
Special thanks and cheese to Andre at Tuesday Morning 3 AM and Jim Worthen at BEC/ToothandNail for this incredible information!

New Jason Falkner!

In an earlier post we mentioned the new Jason Falkner EP, which, up until this point has only been available at his shows. We want to be one of the first to announce some good news! Starting next week the EP, Bliss Descending, will be available exclusively at Not Lame! I can't reccomend the new EP's my favorite of his solo releases.
For those of you not already in "the know" as they say, NOT LAME is THE online store for the best music made. It's a great site that focuses mainly on power pop, and is the only place to find many of the cool indie and obscure releases. It's a great place to get turned onto great new music, as they provide sound clips for most of the release they carry. Enjoy!

The Lost Dogs Return to the Big Rooms

The Lost Dogs in Jones Country
The Grove in Anaheim
February 17, 2004
By Dan MacIntosh

With sincere apologies to all who live outside of California, our beloved Lost Dogs recently opened a couple of George Jones West Coast concert dates. One of these rare doggie treats took place at The Grove in Anaheim, which is a venue located adjacent to Angel’s Stadium (or whatever that field is called these days). LD only had enough time for a short six-song set, but these guys nevertheless made the best of it. Although past Dogs albums have included everything from alternative rock to the blues, this crafty trio wisely stuck to straight country for its brief opening slot. Its time onstage may have been short, but oh was it ever so sweet. “The Great Divide,” with vocal harmonies pulled straight out of The Sons of the Pioneers’ how-to-sing-like-real-cowboys handbook, offered this unit’s brightest ‘Best In Show’ moment. Terry Taylor dedicated it to his departed father, who was a George Jones fan, and wished he could have been there too. Except for Mike Roe’s solo spot on “Real Men Cry,” Terry Taylor took the lion’s share of the lead vocals. Derri Daugherty sat on a stool the whole time, which was a little surprising since he’s the closest thing to puppy-hood within this increasingly graying group. There didn’t appear to be a whole lot of Dogs fans near the front of the auditorium -- which is where I sat -- but a noisy bunch of diehards could be heard barking out their approval toward the back of the room. Maybe they had their own little Dog Pound set up, I don’t know. All in all, though, this evening’s music added up to a quick musical fix, for anybody with a strong Lost Dogs jones. (Oh, and that guy George Jones wasn’t half-bad, either).

CD's in Southern Cal, Bill Murray, and the RIAA

I'll be making a trip to southern California next week, flying into San Diego, then heading up to Orange County, and hopefully Hollywood after that. I'm going to try and do a little CD shopping while I'm there of course. Anyone out there know of any good stores for imports, power pop, promo's, used, etc. in the San Diego or O.C. areas?

It looks like this could finally be the year for one of the greatest actors, Bill Murray. Will he finally win the Oscar? I think this is the year.

Watch out kiddies, the RIAA is at it again. Check out THIS ARTICLE on over 500 new lawsuits annouced today!

Tuesday Morning 3 a.m.

Since I’ve yet to come up with anything remotely creative for my own posts, I will provide this link to a GREAT write-up on one of the most underrated Americana/Pop groups of all time, the Lost Dogs. This guy writes a weekly column that is very good called “Tuesday Morning 3 a.m.” I find most of his musical tastes and intuitions very good and this article is really interesting with a unique angle. But I must say, I don't neccessarily agree with all his personal views and theology. The thanks once again go to big Jim Worthen of Tooth and Nail Records / BEC for this tip.

Here’s the link:

New Music Madness

I’ve been discovering a lot of great music lately, which is always fun. Please click the “Comments” link at the bottom of this post and tell us what you’ve discovered or been listening to lately... New stuff? Discovering a missed classic? I may be a little late to the party, but I recently discovered a very cool quirky pop band called Popgun. They have those staccato guitars and quirky keyboards like the Cars and Adventures of Jet, which I absolutely love.

Check out the MP3 of the song One’s and Zeros on the media page of their website:

Also, the new Owsley CD has really grown on me. I think it’s much better than his first. And, take note of the hidden bonus track at the end, his incredible version of Band On The Run!

But the CD I just can stop listening to is the Wisely CD, Go. The songs are great, in the vein of Fountains of Wayne, Self and Owsley. I think my favorite tracks are Bygones, Raincan, Go and She Said Yeah. Check it out on the label site:

Downloads Kill CD Format?

As a collector and serious music fan, I prefer the full, official CD release, over downloads or anything else for that matter. It seems there are a few million people between the ages of 12 and 30 that don't feel this way, and that's too bad. The Grammys were on last night (God Bless 'em), and they were promoting a new website and ad campaign called "What's The Download.” I actually found the website interesting. You can check it out at
I know we’ve all heard about downloading wiping out the recording industry, etc. but I believe it’s a serious issue. How serious? A recent study predicts the popularity of both illegal peer-to-peer file-swapping services and legal music downloading sites will eventually lead to the extinction of the CD format. CLICK HERE for the story on that study.
Hey, I’m open to new technology and improved media formats, but downloads replacing CD’s? Lower quality and no artwork, liner notes and lyrics? No thanks.

New Power Pop Find!

Thanks to I discovered a new power pop gem today... Wisely. That's Willie Wisely's new one name incarnation, and his band includes Matt Mahaffey of SELF! But don't take my word for it, check out the 5 audio clips on his site. Unbelievable...sounds like he's been listening to a heavy dose of ELO, the Beatles and some Zappa. Check out his website and listen to ALL of the audio clips at